Welcome to our site. When you love your job, love the clothes you sell and get to visit with new and old friends each and every day, you are truly blessed.

If you are lucky enough to know about and wear FLAX linen clothing, then you know it “feels like wearing pajamas with jewelry" as one of our loyal customers pointed out.

We have a website
as well but if you ever see anything in the postings that you are interested in, please call me. If it’s still available I’ll do everything I can to get it for you.

We are lucky enough to be located in one of the premier shopping centers of Fort Worth, Texas. Located on the far west side of this city, it’s accessible from all the major highways and byways surrounding this great town. There are fabulous murals of historic Fort Worth painted by Stylle Read; famous for his great western murals that enhance many historic areas of Cowtown. We also have the Rose Garden Tea Room, originally at Moore’s Antique mall in Arlington. Many of Helen’s followers followed her right on over here when she added her second restaurant. We are also part of a wonderful shop in the historic downtown shopping district of Weatherford, Texas. It's a mere 20 minutes west of Fort Worth. Diana Hayes owns the Main Street Mercantile and it is full of wonderful antiques, vintage wares, new and unique items as well as our Flax!