Friday, March 12, 2010

Same flower, different view

This view shows how vibrantly red the flowers were. They looked like velvet.

I had to share this picture

This is a close-up of an amarillis given to me by my friend Tamra Novak at Christmas. It grew and grew and finally bloomed when it was about 2 1/2 feet tall. It wound it's way up through my Meyer lemon tree that was blooming as well.

Pearl the vase lady

This is the little lady vase that we have in our shop. Everyone wants to buy her but she lives here with us. Isn't she pretty? She is now available as a mousepad for only $12.00! I'm hoping to have her printed to frame as well. If you would like to have one for your very own, they are available at the shop of course but on our website, too.
I am equally excited because I finally figured out how to put a picture in my posting! Up til now I've either posted or put up a picture. Maybe now I'm officially a blogger? We shall see.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is springing

I feel like I am coming out of hibernation. The sun is shining (some days) and I just want to go out and plant things and clean my house and wash my windows and organize everything. But then I realize that it's still me and it ain't gonna happen. Not all at once anyway. It will probably take until next winter to get those things accomplished. But won't it feel good when I do?!
My wonderful friends and customers are starting to come by and I'm so happy to see that everyone wintered well and it's always fun to catch up on the things they've seen and done during all this nasty winter weather we've had.

I believe there are wonderful things in store for all of us and spring just starts the ball rolling! Mom and I are so grateful that we are able to visit with all of you. What other business could you be in that would be as fun as what we do? Thanks everybody and HAPPY SPRING!